payforaresearchpaper com – 4.30, local time, on Monday (3.30 Polish time).

Schmidt also confirmed in Poznan that with Joanna Scheuring-Wielgus and Ryszard Petru in talks with various circles on the creation of a new political project. As she spoke, in the near future, is expected to meet, among others, Slupsk with President Robert Biedron and head of Polish Initiative Barbara Nowacka.zobacz also Petru of Modern: I can not take responsibility for something that I have no influence »” Our output (from Modern – PAP); my-Scheuring Joanna Wielgus whether Ryszard Petru, gave this new space to this, to talk openly with different environments, different people, and believe me, that this openness strongly feel from the first day “- she said. “The local elections is a very long time to cleared up a new project, which, I hope, after the local elections start. There are five months to all those who share the values ??that I presented (…) liberal values, the values ??of openness, tolerance, modernization of the Polish, modern education – all this is still valid, and I believe that this social potential, which has been energized 3 years ago, it will be directed to this page of the new project alternatives “- she added. Schmidt pointed out that “it is important that the political scene has not been concreted again on the PO-PiS. “Because remember, Modern was founded as an alternative, as the real choice not to vote for the lesser evil” – she added. MEP pointed out that a new political initiative certainly not officially created until the end of the local elections. Asked whether the elections will already be candidate new party, Schmidt replied: “I do not exclude that this will be.” According to the agency invitation to the ceremony it took 17 leaders, including the presidents of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Venezuela, Pakistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and Russia’s prime minister.

Radew press service confirmed that he would come zaprzysiezeniu.zobacz also: Turkey: More than 18 thousand. people made redundant decree “ceremony will be held at the presidential palace in Ankara Bestepe. It will give rise to a new, prezydenckiemu system of government in Turkey last year after the April referendum on strengthening the powers of head of state after the June and early presidential elections and the swearing-parlamentarnych.Po planned a gala dinner for guests 64-year-old Erdogan, who is the president of Turkey from August 2014 ., and before that for nine years he was also her premierem.zobacz: Turkey: Issued a decree on the transfer of certain powers to the President “in the constitutional referendum of 2017. Turks agreed to change the system of government in a country with parliamentary president. The head of state will have much more power than before, including It will also become the head of government (prime minister will be liquidated), and will be able at its sole discretion and without the consent of the Parliament appoint members of the government, to control the work of ministries and government to lay off workers. To “Dialogue” has already arrived among others Deputy Law and Justice deputy Minister of Education Anna Zalewska, Kopec Maciej Deputy Minister of Education, Minister of family, work and social policy Rafalska Elizabeth and head of the Office of Prime Minister Michael Dworczyk. Page .: represent the union president of the Polish Teachers’ Union Slawomir Broniarz, President of the Trade Unions Forum Dorothy Gardias, head of the Industry of Science, Education and Culture Slawomir FZZ Wittkowicz and Chairman of the National Section of Education “Solidarity” Richard Proksa.zobacz also Awl : Broniarz is deaf to the argument that the strike during exams hits the students “Government proposals for teachers a total of nearly 15 percent. increases in 2019. (9,6 per cent. increase in September has already paid plus 5 per cent increase from January), shortening the length, determine the amount of the allowance for education at the level of not less than 300 zl, a change in the system of evaluation of teachers and reducing bureaucracy. The government also introduced a new social contract for the professional group of teachers, including increases and changing working conditions.

Certified teacher would receive after making changes in the coming years, a variant of normal working hours 22 h 2020 – 6128 zl, 2021 – 6653 zl, 2022 – 7179 zl, 2023 – 7704 zl. If it is determined normal working hours at 24 hr (middle level OECD) qualified teacher would expect on average salary increase following 2020 – 6335 zl, 2021 – 7434 zl, 2022 – 7800 zl, 2023 – 8100 zl. Increasing the normal working hours would be moving and covered a circular ramp up every year, together with allocated to rise up to a ceiling 22 (or 24) hours at the board in 2023. Forum of Trade Unions and the Association of Polish Teachers in negotiations expectations modified (initially upominaly a thousand zl increases) and now call for 30 percent. increases spread over two rounds – 15 percent. from 1 January to 15 percent. from 1 September br.zobacz also teachers strike: Baccalaureate into question. Zalewska regulation may not be enough to conduct examinations »National Section of Education” Solidarity “negotiated among salary increase of 15 percent. from January 2019. and changing the remuneration system, according to which teachers’ salaries would be directly linked to the average wage in the national economy. PNA and from January FZZ lead a collective dispute procedure, carried out a strike referendum.

If no agreement is reached with the government, the April 8 start an indefinite strike. The term of the announced protest coincides with the planned external examinations for April 10, April 11 and 12 to be held exam high school, 15, 16 and 17 April – osmoklasisty exam, and on May 6 should start high school. Speculates on the market, copper prices have risen excessively / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document ” script “,” VT-SDK “)); / ** / We demand the early release of Wyszynski and cancel all charges against him – said in a statement the Foreign Ministry. The court in Kiev on May 17 ordered the arrest of a journalist for two months on suspicion of treason. June 1 appeals court rejected the complaint of defense and left him in custody. He faces a penalty up to 15 years in prison. Security Service of Ukraine announced that Wyszynski, a citizen of Ukraine, having also from 2015, the Russian passport, preparing materials to justify the annexation of the Crimea and the Russian actions in Donbas separatists.

The journalist says he was the victim of provocation. On Friday in the courtroom – according to TASS – Wyszynski said to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, that gives up Ukrainian citizenship and said he considers himself only as a citizen of Russia. He also appealed to President Vladimir Putin to take legal steps to free him. (PAP) On Tuesday, President Donald Tramp has confirmed its plan to impose a 25 per cent duty on steel imports and a 10 per cent duty on aluminum, warning the European Union that will hit the “big tax” for the fact that it does not treat well the United States in terms of trade – Reuters notes. Bloomberg said on Wednesday that the EU is considering the introduction of a 25-percentage retaliation tariffs on a range of US goods worth approx. $ 3.5 billion. The list drawn up by the European Commission includes imported from the US consumer goods (including jeans, shirts, cosmetics, motor scooters, yachts), agricultural products (orange juice, bourbon, corn) and products made of steel and other manufactured goods – provides on its portal Bloomberg News. Lagarde told French radio RTL that “macroeconomic effect would be severe, not only for action by the United States, especially if other countries were to take retaliatory action.” He noted that it was especially Canada, as well as Germany and other European countries. “In the so-called. Trade war, driven by increases in mutual import tariff, there are no winners, usually on both sides sees losers” – Lagarde stressed, expressing the hope that Trump did not pay for your research paper fulfill his threat to introduce tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. “We recommend an agreement between the various parties and discussions, conversations” – she added.

Lagarde also acknowledged that some countries “does not necessarily respect the” rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the “force technology transfer.” She mentioned in this context China, but pointed out that this is not the only country that used such practices. (PAP) with / ap / killed In July, 41 percent. Poles felt that things in Poland are going in the wrong direction, reverse the sentence was 37 percent. In a previous study the state of the Polish economy positively assessed by 56 percent. respondents, and 31 percent negatively. The study was conducted on 10-16 August 2018 year nationwide, representative sample of 1,061 Polish citizens by means of direct interviews, computer-assisted. The armistice agreement was to be reached through the mediation of Egypt, in the chair. 4.30, local time, on Monday (3.30 Polish time).

Message reaffirmed TV station owned by the ruling Hamas in Gaza. Representatives of Israel did not gain so far this information. Reuter notes that the agreement would be in the interest of both sides in fact have prevented a further escalation of the fighting, which could lead to full-scale conflict. Both Israel and the Palestinians would like to avoid. For the next wave of fighting between Israel and the Palestinians came just before the beginning of Ramadan – the Muslim month of fasting, and a week before the 64th edition of the Eurovision song contest, to be held in Tel Aviv. Fighting began two days ago when a sniper Palestinian Islamic Jihad gave a few shots in the direction of Israeli soldiers, wounding two of them.

Islamic Jihad accused Israel of delaying the implementation of previous agreements, which had put an end to the violence and lead to a loosening of economic blockade of the Gaza Strip. According to Israeli military sources, the Gaza Strip since last year. Friday fired more than 600 missiles on the Jewish state, of which the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted more than 150 were killed at least four Israelis. In retaliation, the Israeli army attacked more than 320 goals belonging to Palestinian militants. On Sunday in Israeli retaliatory attacks killed 12 Palestinians, mostly Hamas militants – authorities said enclave.

Since the last. Friday in the Gaza Strip killed a total of 23 people, including eight civilians, and Saturday at least 80 inhabitants of the enclave were injured. Budget Law for 2018. Foresees a deficit of no more than 41.5 billion zl, revenues amounting to 355.7 billion zl and expenditure at 397.2 billion zl. The government budgeted founded economic growth of 3.8 percent. and average annual inflation of 2.3 percent. and the general government deficit in 2018. in the amount of 2.7 percent.

GDP. Provides for an increase in the average annual wage fund in the national economy and an increase in pensions of 6.3 per cent., The growth of private consumption in nominal terms by 5.9 per cent. See also: Budget adopted in 2018. Morawiecki: Thanks to him we will serve Poland well, “so-called. European funds budget for 2018 established that its revenues will amount to 64.8 billion zl, spending 80.2 billion zl, and the deficit of 15.5 billion zl.

Mazurka Bartholomew US State Department statement ws. Act on the IPN is based on a misunderstanding. The law in fact protect against slanders Poles and protects the truth. The State Department is in error as to the content of this law – wrote Mazurek. The Senate supported the Thursday before the hour. 2 in the morning without amendment amendment to the Act on the IPN, which introduces fines or imprisonment up to three years for assigning the Polish nation or state responsibility, among others, for the crimes committed by the Third Reich Niemiecka.zobacz the OSCE: Polish Act on the IPN should be rejected “US State Department called on the Polish side on Wednesday evening to review the Act on the IPN from the point of view of its potential impact on freedom of expression and” our ability to remain real partners “. “We are concerned about the consequences of this bill, if it would enter into force, this could affect the strategic interests and its Polish relations – with the United States and Israel, including” – emphasized in the note. The Parliament last Friday – the day before the ceremony 73. anniversary of the liberation of the German Auschwitz – passed an amendment to the Act on the IPN, which provides for a fine or up to three years in prison for assigning the Polish nation against the facts or the Polish state liability or responsibility for the crimes committed by the Third Reich or the other crimes against humanity, it m. in. with the phrase “Polish death camps”.

The new regulations are to apply to Polish citizens and foreigners – “regardless of the provisions in force in the place of the offense. On Wednesday, the amendment also took up Senat.zobacz: Ukraine: MPs ask Duda president to veto the law on the National» The new regulations have addressed critical of authorities Israel, among others, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Israeli Ambassador Anna Azari has called for a change in the amendment. She stressed that “Israel treats it as punishment for the opportunity to witness the survivors of the Holocaust.” Test of knowledge of nature was the first of two that make up the knowledge exam mathematics and natural sciences, to which students III junior high classes began Tuesday after 9. It included tasks in biology, chemistry, physics and geography. They had to solve their 60 minutes (dyslexics can solve them 20 minutes longer). After the break, high school students joined the solving of matematyki.Arkusz test of knowledge of nature Central Examination Commission has already published on its website.

Math test has yet to publish the test wtorek.Na of natural science high school students had to solve 24 tasks. All were closed – the student he had to choose the correct answer from the proposed arkuszu.W tasks asked of biology, among others, a salamander, conduction of nerve impulses, heredity, the relationship between certain species of tropical ants and acacias. One of the tasks in the group was “patient vision defect has been found, by which image he sees soft in certain areas of the field of view. In order to correct this disadvantage to a patient prescribed cylindrical glass”. A high school student had to answer whether the patient was found myopia, or astigmatism. He also had to justify your answer by selecting one of three explanations: “because the sharp image is formed on the eye: 1. behind the retina, the part of the retina 2. 3.

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