It is smeared with egg and sprinkled with poppy seeds before baking, giving it a golden-brown colour. The Slovak persons are an ethnic group principally inhabiting the trendy-day nation of Slovakia, as well slovakian women as near surrounding areas. Slovaks have performed an energetic position in European history, together with politically, militarily, scientifically, culturally, and religiously.

Klobása, often known as Kielbasa in the United States, is a smoked meat sausage-like product made from minced meat. Jelito is a pork meat sausage-like product containing pork blood and pearl barley or pastry items. Tlačenka is a meat or poultry product consisting of little items of meat in jelly/aspic from connective tissue boiled into mush, served with onion, vinegar and bread. Ovar is a straightforward dish produced from somewhat fatty pork meat (head or knuckle).

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Slovakia has completely different beer brands depending on what region you’re in, however I fairly liked the Mustaz, which is native for Košice. In this post I’ll share a number of the dishes I had in Slovakia (North and East regions). I didn’t specifically look for national dishes once I traveled around, however I simply ordered what I felt like. So that is simply an introduction to give you a better thought of what folks eat in Slovakia.


It’s fairly amazing what Slovak delicacies can do with so few ingredients. More just lately, Slovaks have grown to like salad as a standalone dish. Šopský šalát (Shopska AKA Bulgarian salad), a combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, and crumbled white cheese (sirene), is especially in style in restaurants. Beloved by kids and nostalgic to hikers within the mountains, sweet dough dishes show the extra tender, (grand)motherly facet of Slovakia’s traditional delicacies. In eating places, canteenas, and cafeterias around Slovakia, you’ll see it served with potatoes or, more often, French fries, a dab of tartar sauce for dipping, and sliced vegetables as a garnish.

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slovakian women

Mushrooms are sometimes utilized in Czech delicacies as differing types develop within the forests. Czechs make a median of 20 visits to the forest annually, picking as much as 20,000 tonnes of mushrooms. Bolete, parasol and other forms of mushroom are often found. In the shops, you should purchase frequent mushrooms (žampiony), oyster mushrooms (hlívy), shiitake, Jew’s ear and dried forest mushrooms. Smaženice are shallow-fried mushrooms with onion and spices.

slovakian women


Slovakia’s easterly place gives it a extra continental climate than that of the Czech Republic. The imply annual temperature drops to about 25 °F (−4 °C) in the High Tatras and rises to just above 50 °F (10 °C) within the Danubian lowlands.

Religion in Slovakia

Politicians from far-right parties within the National Council, Slovakia’s legislative physique, frequently espouse Islamophobic and antisemitic rhetoric and conspiracy theories. The legal guidelines of Slovakia guarantee the liberty of spiritual perception, and criminalize the defamation of and discrimination in opposition to spiritual teams. Religious teams might register with the government in order to receive sure privileges, but the threshold of membership required for brand spanking new teams to register is prohibitively high. Government officers have explicitly said that preventing Islamic organizations from registering is a cause for this requirement.

Served with knedle (sliced steamed dumplings), potatoes, or rice. Czech republic has highest per-capita consumption of beer on the planet. Aside from beer, Czechs also produce wine principally in the area of Moravia and a singular liquors— Becherovka. Czech Slivovitz and different pálenka (fruit brandies) are traditionally distilled in the nation and are thought of national drink. More just lately new drinks grew to become well-liked, amongst them Tuzemák, traditionally marketed as “Czech rum”, is made from potatoes or sugar beets.

Prior to 2012, the Slovak group HC Slovan Bratislava participated within the Kontinental Hockey League, thought-about the strongest hockey league in Europe, and the second-finest on the planet. First and only Slovak to succeed in the position of General in the interwar Czechoslovak Army. Slovakian food is definitely just like other Eastern European cultures.

Later, on my many visits to Peter’s country, I fell in love with Slovakia’s nationwide dish. A staple of yard picnics, tenting trips, and town fairs, goulash soup is a traditional Slovak dish of Hungarian origin. I’m not that massive into soups, but this is one that I ordered repeatedly during my travels in Slovakia. The last spoonful of broth solely meant the second meal was about to begin, and it looked vivid with flavour. The inside my bread bowl had been absorbing the savour, whereas still remaining crunchy on the skin.

I would very much like to return to both impartial nations right now. We have a couple of local pals, every was born in one of the two nations, they usually met working in a restaurant here in London and obtained collectively. She has shared a little knowledge with me about some of the food traditions of Slovakia but I haven’t come throughout most of your listing, and now I want to attempt all of it.